I can’t believe our clothes are so clean using such a tiny amount of soap! And the fabric feels great too!

Lauren, Greenville SC

My clothes have never been cleaner, whiter and brighter

Kate, Greenville SC

My clothes look and smell clean, and my machine no longer has the residue gunk inside that it usually does! Now it’s spotless!

Wanda, Traveler’s Rest SC

It’s less expensive, better for my family’s skin, and that small bottle is so much more convenient in my laundry room than what I’ve always bought at the store!

Jeanne, Simpsonville SC

I am loving my new laundry detergent! This is the most efficient way to get super clean laundry without all the fuss.

Loran, Spartanburg SC

I needed to wash 2 things with blood on them. I meant to pretreat but forgot. I used Clean Seed & it came right out! Win!

Carolyn, Simpsonville SC

My laundry smells cleaner, especially towels, and I’ve noticed my machine doesn’t have a smell anymore either!!

Maggie, Simpsonville SC

I found black sharpie smudges on my new couch. A tiny amount of Clean Seed, elbow grease, and a damp rag…the marks disappeared!

Abbi, Mauldin SC