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Our Story

We never want “we can’t afford it” to be the reason good people can’t do good things. We sat in church one Sunday as the youth pastor announced summer camp was coming soon and that each student’s cost would be nearly $300. Immediately we realized that some families would have to make major sacrifices or just say no to their teens having this life-impacting experience, especially if it was up to traditional car washes, donut sales and spaghetti suppers to make it happen. We soon found ourselves thinking about the needs of service groups, schools, sports teams, adopting families, women’s shelters, all kinds of great causes for whom only money stands in the way. Our experience working as children’s pastors and our careers in sales and distribution, combined with divine inspiration, and a new, low effort, high profit, modern fundraising company for non-profits was born

Clean Seed Fundraising exists to help non-profit groups acquire the funds they need to do the good they seek.